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I have a Lv. 10 Mudkip and a Lv. 5 Marill, both named Stephanie. If I level Marill up, would it be better or worse? I'm on Route 104 from Emerald. I'm planning broad use, which means Contests, Battles, and Trade. Although I'm pretty sure I won't be doing Trade very much.

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Because you are playing Emerald, not ORAS, I suggest Mudkip. Why? Swampert gets the same HMs, has a much better Special stat, and STAB Mud Shot/Earthquake is beyond useful againts the likes of Steven. Plus, it only has a Grass immunity and there are no notable Grass trainers in Emerald. Azumarill doesn't have much of a niche over Swampert except being a Fairy-type and having Superpower, neither of which it had in Emerald.

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Special Attack and Special Defense were separate stats right from Ruby and Sapphire
Thank you!