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Sweeper can be Physical or Special

Physical Sweeper
A Physical Sweeper is a Pokémon made to inflict massive physical damage, the fastest way possible. These Pokémon's stats concentrate on Attack and Speed.. Heracross, Tauros and even Charizard are good Physical Sweepers.

Special Sweeper
A Special Sweeper uses high Speed and Special Attack stats to blast its opponent with the strongest of special moves.. Alakazam is an example of Special Sweeper..

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Like J98 said, a pokemon with high attack or sp. atk and speed which means it can hit first and hard. it's a pokemon which it's main purpose is to "sweep" the opponents team by hitting going faster than the other team and OHKO or 2HKO them and fainting them one by one.

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I think sweepers are pokemon with high speed and power means you might be able to knock out a pokemon in one shot