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I have a Mienfoo with Eviolite but i'm not sure if I should evolve it for a physically sweeping Mienshao, what do you guys think? It knows drain punch, U-turn, Acrobatics, and rock tomb and has the regenerator ability. Its EV spread is: Hp 100, Atk 110, Def 100, SpA 0, SpD 100, Spd 100

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Mienfoo's natural base defenses are really, really low. Even with Eviolite and maxed out defenses, it won't be able to tank much. Its Attack is also only OK at best, so unless you fully invest your 252 EVs into attack, it won't be dealing much damage. But maxing out Attack means your can't max out its defenses, so in other words no matter what you do, you won't get good results from it. I really think you should evolve your Mienfoo.

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Thank you! I'll evolve it right away and maybe fix its evs lol