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I need your help. What does this mean, Then, selcet "pokemon transfer ID 20395 from "DS Downlad play."

How do I start this process? I have two DS and does nothing???


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Okay, your question says Black and White but the tag says Black 2/White 2. No matter, it's the same either way.

Step 1: Beat the Elite Four in your BW/BW2 game.

This is necessary to gain access to Route 15, where the Pokémon Transfer Lab is.

Step 2: Go to the Pokémon Transfer Lab on Route 15.

This is how you will be transferring your Pokémon. Talk to the people at the very back of the building.

Step 3: Insert SoulSilver into your other DS.

Obviously you will be needing this to transfer Pokémon.

Step 4: On the SS DS homescreen, select Download Play and choose W2.

This is assuming you've already started the process in your other game. I assume this is the step that's causing you problems. It means you have to select that ID No. from the DS that has SoulSilver in it.

Step 5: Wait for it to download, then pick 6 Pokémon to transfer.

After choosing those six, you will have to catch him in a fun little minigame*. Continue to repeat this process until you have transferred all Pokémon.

I hope this helps! Here's my source and I've also done this myself.

**It's tedious and boring as heck to transfer a lot of Pokémon over six at a time, but if you're just transferring a few it shouldn't take long.*