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I don't really understand why some people want high Special Attack for a certain Pokémon and someone else wants a Pokémon with high Attack. How do the Attack/Special Attack help?

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Attack and Special Attack affect the power of physical and special moves, respectively.

A Pokémon like Gardevoir, with awesome Sp. Attack but cruddy Attack, will use the superior stat to it's advantage and use special-based moves like Psychic. A Pokémon like Scizor, with high Attack but awful Sp. Attack, will use its superior Attack stat to boost the power of physical-based moves like Bullet Punch.

The reason people want certain Pokémon to be trained in Attack or Special Attack is so that they can capitalize on that Pokémon's strongest offensive stat. The result is that you don't see Special Gyarados or Physical Sylveon.

People put EVs into the strongest stat to make it even stronger. It's pointless to put 252 SpA EVs on a Heracross with all physical moves, so the smart and logical thing to do is put them in Atk to make dem Megahorns hit as hard as possible.

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And plus, a special attack from you will act on your opponent's special defense, and a physical attack from you will act on your opponent's physical defense, so the strengths of the defenses of your opponent are also a factor.
Thanks for that. I was confused and just trained my Pokémon in HP attack defence special attack special defence and speed.
I have seen a special gyarados and a physical sylveon