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Before you guys shout at me "FRACK YOU STOLE! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER! BAD FRACK!" It was accidental.
So picture this: I'm in Inflora forest to rescue Swadloon, which happens a little after the two eeveelutions start lurking around. I enter a Kecleon store and find two reviver seeds. I take them, but with the seeds at the very back I hover my thumb over the B Button. When Kecleon informs me of the price, I accidentally press B and walk out, thinking I pressed A.
"Help! I've been robbed! Help me catch the thief!"
Everyone wastes reviver seeds while I make a mad dash to the stairs. A Kecleon appears in the last corridor I have to go through and substitutes himself. Emolga uses up the last reviver seed and 698, my Tepig buddy dies. I fail, we lose all our money and items, you get the picture.
So I look in Post Town, wondering if the stores are open. They are. I look at Kecleon and he says this, the topic of my question:
"Finally! A real live customer! What a miracle!" Or something along those lines.
Did Kecleon say that because I stole, or is it part of the storyline?


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He didn't say that because you stole from Kecleon, it's just part of the story.
I've played that game a couple times, I know.

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