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I am using
Gen 1 Dragonite
Gen 2 Tyranitar
Gen 3 Metagross
Gen 4 Garchomp
Gen 5 Hydreigon
Gen 6 Goodra

It seems to be working, 10-1 streak. Would this be an actual good team?


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I don't know who you had the fortune to face, but they must have had some pretty unorganized teams.

4 Pokémon in this team are damaged by Ice, the other 2 by Ground.

While Demi-Legends are usually strong Pokémon, in and of themselves, it doesn't automatically mean that stacking them together will form a strong team.

A team of three Pokémon is enough to wipe the floor with your team.


• A Ground Pokémon/ Attack could take down, with double damage, Metagross and Tyranitar.
• An Ice Pokémon/ Attack could take down, with quadruple damage, Dragonite, Garchomp, Hydreigon and Goodra.
• A Fairy type Pokémon/ Attack, just for good measure, since 5 out of 6 Pokemon take at least double damage.

Also, the format for Pokémon is this

Pokémon @ Item
Ability: Sample
EVs: X / Y / Z
Sample Nature
- Move A
- Move B
- Move C
- Move D

It is requested of you to give us at least these info if you want us to help you with your team, but yet again, if I should be as severe and unbending as some users are on this site, I should downvote and flag this question, since it should go on the RMT part of this site.

Also, everything goes for In-Game.
Re-tag this as Competitive or/and PokémonShowdown.

Hope this helped.

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