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Hey :)

So i've heard some pretty convincing arguments on either side, and, as usual, i'm stuck in the middle.
I play Black, and my team is pretty crappy right now [don't worry, i'm working on it - thats why i'm on this site ;)]

I'm looking for a decent sweeper, my team could really use one. one more on the defensive side than on the offence, i like to be in there for a while o.o

i've had tried out Aggron [with disastrous results - check my earlier question for details >.>]

i'm thinking metagross. but you'll be hard-pressed to find a team lacking one. i'm still thinking :/

I also thought of umbreon, but again... not sure :/

suggestions, replacements, advice - all are welcome :)

Thanks! ^^


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If I were to choose from either one metagross would do better comeptitvely for both sweepering and defensing(even though I like aggron better). But you cant forget aggrons head smash which does massive damage with stab which metagross cant do but thats pretty much it. Aggrons weak to the most common attacking types carried by sweepers which makes situations worse, hes weak to ground and fighting by 4x which wont make him good at defensing even though his defense is sky high. Here are also some pokemon I recommend:
Rhyperior:has killer attack, and with solid rock,high hp, and high defense, physical attackers will have a hard time taking him down.
Scizor:He is a really good sweeper but his defense isnt too bad either. If you make him impish nature and max its defense it will be 328 which is more than enough and has a load of resistances and only one weakness, trust me it can work very good defensively. I have a scizor ev trained in attack and defense, it doesnt even need speed evs cause of bullet punch and you can always roost off damage youve taken if your opponent attacks before you do.
Dusknoir:Base attack 100, pretty good if its adamant and defense is really good especially with willowisp. Pretty hard to take down with both defenses being so high
Donphan:High attack and defense, both 120. Can sweep,defend,and support at the same time

scizor cant cover his only weakness :/ and i cant get any of the others in Gen V :/ i only got my aggron from my friend, i don't know if he has the rest... is it possible to get dusclops in Black? because i have a reaper cloth :) thanks for the options, though!
Scizors weakness can be covered by team support such as switching into a pokemon with flash fire. You cant really get a duskull in black unless you get it from the dream world which I dont know much about. I suggest you getting those pokemon in the 4th gen games like D/P/PT or HG/SS and transfering it to to your black. For all those inconvenient reasons I dont play black or white so I dont know much about those games
Who uses Fire moves on Scizor? Water moves are the way to go.
Instead of dusknoir you could use dusclops with eviolite to get massive defences but you give up on attack but along with willowisp itll be pretty hard to take down
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metagross is pretty good,but since you want a defence sweeper this is what you should do:If theres one thing about a sweeper its gotta have SPEED and metagross doesn,t have much of that so you gotta work on ev training that part.2 attack is not something you should worry about so just ev train that a little bit and put the rest into defence.hope this is good stuff.