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I am raising an aggron with counter which I want to use as a wall(I already have aggrons that I use as sweepers or tanks) but I dont have much experience at making pure walls. I would like some help at deciding it's EV spread and choosing the other 3 moves. Its ability is sturdy and its nature is relaxed(+def, -speed)


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Well I'm not sure about the vialibity of Counter. If you wanted to use a support/wall Aggron i'd probably use a set like
Aggron @ Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP/ 4 Def/ 252 SpD
Trait: Sturdy
Nature: Relaxed (Since this is what you have :c)
~ Taunt
~ Metal Burst (Counter in this case)
~ Stealth Rock
~ Roar
Metal Burst + Sturdy + Taunt would basically kill everything, but unfortunately you only have Counter (if you can replace it that'll be awesome) you'll have to stick with that and hope that you get physical attacked :P I'd would preferably run a +SpD nature but meh. You can change it to full defensive due to Counter so 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 SpD
Stealth Rock is for hazards and Roar is to do some phazing.

However... you could try running Earthquake/Stealth Rock/Toxic with Counter, toxic hiting everything apart from steel types with poison, Earthquake taking care of the Steel types, Stealth rocks for the obvious setup.

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You right, metal burst is much better, I've never leveled an aggron past 50 so I never really paid attention to metal burst.
The reason I went with relaxed as its nature is because its speed is already so low and would much rather invest EV's in HP,S.def or attack(of cource defence is  going to be maxed). Even with a beneficial nature and maxing out speed, its still going to be outsped most of the time,and even when it does go first it will only have its base attack, which is ok but not great. If it helps for aggron to go first I could also add him to a trick room team.
There other reason I went with relaxed was to take advantage of moves like avalanche or payback, but I think metal burst by itself should be good enough.

I think I'm going with this
EV's-252 def/4attk/252 hp or 252def/100attk/156hp
-Metal Burst
-Substitute/Protect/Iron Head