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So... we all know that Aggron gets Heavy Metal as a Hidden Ability, which doubles its weight. But what happens if I Mega Evolve it? Will:
- Mega Aggron's weight also be doubled? (395kg to 790kg)
- Mega Aggrons weight become the weight of the Non-Mega Heavy Metal Aggron? (720kg)
- Mega Aggron's weight stay as it should be (395kg)
- Or something else?

And what happens if it then uses Autotomise? Should I run Iron Tail or Heavy Slam?

Thanks, and have a great day!

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I don’t think its weight is doubled after Mega Evolving, but I’m not sure.

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Its ability will be changed to Filter if you Mega Evolve it. So, if your Aggron has its HA, its weight would double to 790 kg. But, if you Mega Evolve it, its weight would be 395 kg. When Autotomize is used on an HA Aggron, its weight would be 690 kg (because this move reduces its weight by 100 kg (to a minimum of 0.1kg)).
But, it this scenario happened to Mega Aggron, its weight would be 295 kg.

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Ok thanks