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My Aggron's moveset:
Rock Slide
Double Edge
Rock Polish
Ability: Rock Head

please help me

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Metal burst deal damage depending on damage taken earlier that turn, so it'll fail if your opponent doesn't attack. Even when he/she/it does attack, your Aggron will often take only a little damage because of its steel type and physical defense stat, making metal burst weaker. So heavy slam is more reliable.
Also why are you using both rock slide and double-edge when head smash can do both their jobs?
I recommend you take a look around Smogon.com, as they tend to feature the best strategies for each Pokémon in each metagame.

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I would go with heavy slam for many reasons, but I'll just state the best one;

Aggron weighs 793.7Lb! That's not to even meantion its mega evolution! Aggron outweighs a lot of common Pokemon, and it is a part steel type, so it will do even more damage due to its STAB! Plus Heavy Slam is a physical move and Aggron is much better at physical moves.

So out of those 2 options, I'd go definitely with Heavy Slam. Hope I helped! :)

thanks for the answer
No problem :)