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I love Super Mystery Dungeon and its story but why won't my Pokemon evolve if they are a high enough level? Also I am wondering if Lucario needs friendship to evolve in this game. Please Keep in mind this is the newest version realized November 20 2015


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The common thing with evolution is that you won't be able to do it in PMD games until you have defeated the final boss in the main story. I don't know what replaced friendship in the newest game, or if friendship was even replaced, but I know that in older games IQ from gummies was required instead of max friendship.

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Evolution in this game works differently than the main series games. Evolution isnt a privilege you earn until AFTER you finished the epilogue. Yes, in order to evolve any Pokemon you have to first finish the main story, then finish the epilogue that comes after. Once the epilogue is over, you can take the lapras to the Tree of Life and talk to Xearnes. It will then guide you into evolution. Pokemon that evolve by level will have to reach that level in order to evolve, for example Mudkip must be at least level 16 to evolve into Marstomp. Pokemon that evolve by other means (Trade, Happiness, or Item) can just evolve whenever you desire. Pokemon like Eevee that have multiple forms of evolution you simply choose which you want it to evolve into.

So to answer your specific question, you can evolve your Riolu after completely the epilogue.

Source: I have the game myself

Thanks I am almost done with the epilogue so I can Finaly get my Lucario in a couple days. Thanks!