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In a certain part of the game, a bulletin board will tell you to go to Route 7, then you will se Tornadus or Thundurus (Black/White), then you will need to chase it because you only get 1 turn before it runs, you can get its location by the bulletin boards, when you damage it it will keep the damage and status next time you see it

To get landorus you should bring thundurus and tornadus to the abundant shrine, and interact with the building to landorus, that should do the job


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Which Bulletin Board are you talking about? (Could you at least tell me which route/town it in in)
It would have been nice for that to be said
There is no specific Bulletin Board, but the location is on every single one.
Ya but how do you get thundurus in White 2?
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when you beat iris professor juniper will give you a master bal then when you go to way to badge check the man who is runner of buletin board will say to you there is a storm or i think thunder in route 7 after that when you go and check buletin board it will show you where is the thunder. and something use full is try to catch thundurus with master ball because you can get zekrom with ultra ball without attacking it
remember its for pokemon white
I hope it be useful for anyone see it

How do you get thundurus in White 2. I have the incarnate forme of tornadus.
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Sound like possibly the level gap between your starting pokemon and the legendary is too high. Like, The legendary's first move is flee. So if it's a higher level, and has a higher speed than your pokemon, it'll make it's move first and book it before you even have a chance.

Do some research, grab a fast pokemon, give it some boosters if you like, level it up close to the legendarily, then have at it again and see if you have different results.

Hi!  I was wondering if this is true for all free running lengendaries. I'm playing soul silver and have worked the legendary dogs down to 1hp, have a pokemon with mean look, and still fail to be able to catch them because they perform roar. Will having a higher level pokemon with a higher speed prevent the "fleeing"?
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Read this Only if you want to know how to get them in ORAS.

Have a Castform in your party (obtained at the Weather Institute) and a Black Cloud will be over
Fortree City.
Fly into the clouds and you will find Tornadus in Omega Ruby, and Thundurus in Alpha Sapphire depending on the version you play.

Once you have both of them, place both of them in your party and go back to the cloud and you will find Landorus.

Hope this helps!
Reveal Glass

You can fly in ORAS? I didn't know that…do you mean fly as in Fly to a Pokémon Center that you've visited, or fly as in you can control your Pokémon?