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The man that gives you props once a day in Opelucid Town isn't giving me props.
In fact, he hasn't been doing so for about two weeks.
I don't know what I could of possibly done to make this happen, but if anyone got some type of tips or know what's wrong with my situation, please advise!

By the way, the only type of "time traveling" I've done was for a past daylight savings.

(+) JUST IN CASE, the props man is the man in the brown suit in a house to the left of the Pokemon center near two other people that also talk about counting props to 67 or so... right?

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Maybe you already have collected all the props possible from the prop man.
-i.e. the prop man has no props left to give you

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No! I couldn't of possibly done that! There are 99 of them, and I've only received four from him!
He only gives out five props it said so on