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All I can think of is Snivy losing its arms and legs when it evolves into Serperior, but I'm sure there's more than that.
I can think four off the top of my head (Togetic, Snorunt, Dusclops and Nosepass). There's also those bug types which become a pupa (like Weedle or Caterpie) and end up losing several feet.

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Here are all the Pokemon that I could find that loses a limb when it evolves (* means it regains them the next time it evolves).

Caterpie - Metapod
Weedle - Kakuna
Graveler - Golem
Mankey - Primape (tail)
Poliwag - Poliwhirl (tail)
Kadabra - Alakazam (tail)
Bellsprout - Weepinbell (leg-like things)
Remoraid - Occtilery (like, the whole thing)
Larvitar - Pupitar (arms and legs)
Wurmple -Silcoon/Cascoon
Lotad - Lombre (one pair of three legs)
Nincada - Ninjask/Shedinja (hind legs turn into stumps)
Vibrava - Flygon (a pair of wings)
Feebas - Milotic (fins)
Snorunt - Glailie (arms and legs)
Snorunt - Froslass (legs)
Burmy - Wormadam (legs)
Cherubi - Cherrim (half its body)
Chingling - Chimecko (legs)
Togetic - Togekiss (arms)
Servine- Serperior (arms and legs)
Sewaddle - Swadloon (legs)
Venipede - Whirlipede (legs)
Zweilious - Hydreigon (front legs into heads)
Scatterbug - Spewpa (legs)
Doublade - Aeigislash (one sword)

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