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Before I beat the elite four, what levels should my team be? I have an Unfezant, Excadrill, Golurk, Seismotoad, and a Darmanitan. Currently they are all level 43 and would anybody suggest another couterpart to my party?


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I would suggest getting them all above level 45 because all of the pokemon league pokemon are level 48 and level 50 and the highest level pokemon you see directly after the pokemon league is level 54, and I would suggest getting a electric type like tynamo

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Tynamo or Bliztle tynamos hard to find it has a 2% chance of finding it in the 1 Floor and Basement floor 1 and an 8% chance of finging it in Basement floor 2. When bliztles are found on route 3. Tynamo evolves at level 39, then use a thunder stone to evolve that. Blitzle evolves at level 27