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So I just need a solution against klefki, sableye, whimiscott, and other pranksters. What should I do? What's the best tactics to use?

Your own Prankster 'mon, Quick Guard, Taunt, Fake Out, just kill it, etc.
What is it about these Pokémon that's giving you trouble?
Taunt Tornadus/Thundurus. 'nuff said.
Trace Gardevoir. It can copy Prankster and can usually outspeed Sableye and Klefki
If you have a Dark type Pokémon, Prankster won't work (I guess they thought that you can't prank bad people, idk).

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There's not really a universal counter to all the Prankster Pokemon all at once.

  • Use Taunt. Many Prankster Pokemon unfortunately run Taunt as well, which can ruin this strategy. However, run it on a Pokemon that normally wouldn't (maybe like Gardevoir or Alazakam) and you might have the upper hand.
  • Magic Bouncers shut down most Prankster users, as most of them are slow without the ability. Pokemon such as Sableye-Mega, Diancie-Mega, Xatu, and Espeon do well. However, some Pokemon, such as Klefki, do run moves that allow them to target these Pokemon. Klefki is known to run Flash Cannon for Diancie and Dazzling Gleam for Sableye. Whimsicott is still fast without Prankster and does occasionally run an attacking move. Magic Bounce doesn't stop status moves that target the user, so moves like Recover and Substitute will still go through.
  • Hit them hard: Most Prankster Pokemon aren't really considered bulky; they run just enough investment to prevent them from being OHKOed by some attacks in the tier. By bringing Pokemon that just dish out damage, such as Specs Keldeo and Mega Charizard-Y, you can generally deal enough damage to the point where the opponent will switch out / be unable to recover.

Other than that, most strategies are Pokemon specific:

  • Sableye: Sableye is frailer compared to most of the other Prankster Pokemon, and it relies on heavier Special Defense investment and Will-O-Wisp in order to patch up defense. Strong Special Attackers and Fire Pokemon generally stop it cold, as they can hurt Sableye while all Sableye can do is Recover.
  • Banette-Mega: Banette's typing might be good offensively, its bad defensively. Dark types and Pursuit can ruin its day, Priority can help with outspeeding a potential Destiny Bond. Banette's defenses and speed are not the best, so take advantage with strong special attackers, as Banette do carry Will-O-Wisp.
  • Whimsicott: Whimsicott relies heavily on Taunt / Encore + Leech Seed to annoy its opponents. Thus, Grass Pokemon do have an easier time against it, even being immune to Stun Spore. Whimsicott is best dealt with if attacked directly, as it'll prevent substitutes being set up and rendering Taunt / Encore useless. Whimsicott also does not deal well with Poison, Steel, or Fire types, often switching out after the Substitute breaks.
  • Liepard: This thing is frail. If you're not playing by Smogon rules, then Swagger + Thunder Wave while its behind a sub can be quite frustrating. Fighting type Pokemon work well against it, specially those with priority Mach Punch, However, Fighting types must be careful not to set up, as Liepard can use Encore to lock them in. Liepard also has access to Play Rough, which can be a nuisance at times. Any form of priority works as well, as they prevent Liepard from setting up too much. Fairy types are good answers as well, although they must watch out for a potential Gunk Shot.
  • Klefki: This thing is better than a majority of the other Prankster users, with a great typing. It's normally found using Light Screen and Reflect, Spikes, Toxic, Magnet Rise, and Thunder Wave. As it cannot carry Taunt, Taunting it is a good way to stop it from further setup. Magic Bounce users are great for Klefki, but they must watch out for Klefki's offensive moves. Defensive Pokemon can shrug off Klefki's setups and generally set up all over it as well. Rapid Spinners can get rid of its Spikes. Defoggers can get rid of Spikes and its Screens. Super Effective and strong hits (such as Specs Keldeo's Hydro Pump) can wear Klefki down easily, but Ground moves can be avoided by Magnet Rise.
  • Volbeat / Illumise: Don't set up on them, as they carry Encore. Volbeat can be deadly, as it can pass Tail Glow to its teammates. Entry hazards work wonders on them, as they are affected by every single one of them. They are also somewhat frail and have a bad defensive typing, so taking advantage of both should be enough.
  • Murkrow: Even with Eviolite, its quite frail and constantly relies on Roost to recover health. It needs to get lucky with Thunder Wave to fully use its potential of Prankster. Its weakness to Stealth Rock can also deter it switching in constantly.
  • Thundurus: Thundurus isn't really known for Prankster prowess outside of Thunder Wave and Taunt. Special walls make quick work to it, as Thundurus can't usually break through them. Thundurus is dangerous because of its access to so many coverage moves: HP Ice, HP Flying, Grass Knot, Psychic, Focus Blast, Superpower, Knock Off, Iron Tail, Flash Cannon, Sludge Wave, and even Incinerate. Without scouting, Thundurus can be hard to deal with, but as a Prankster Pokemon, its not hard to deal with.
  • Tornadus: Aside from Taunt, Tornadus isn't really used for Prankster purposes other than setting up weather. Special Walls can do the trick, but they must watch out for Taunt. Electric types can take its STAB attacks and retaliate with the approrpiate Electric move. Steel types can also switch in, but must out for coverage moves such as Superpower, Focus Blast, and Heat Wave. It has no reliable recovery, so its weakness to Stealth Rock can be used against it.
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Extreme Speed/fake out Pokemon are generally good at dealing with Prankster. Taunt is even better. In fact, taunt can force a switch in. I find leading with one of the above options is almost necessary in the meta game.

Substitute is a slow option, but a viable one. It makes setting up on a Prankster easy. I always have a priority counter Pokemon on my team just in case I encounter an annoying prankster, and that works for me. My personal choice is Gastro Acid on my contrary Serperior. Contrary inverts any stat debuff while using gastro acid removes prankster (and kills mega kangaskhan, mirror match Serperior, Protean Greninja, and a many other key threats). After prankster is gone, leaf storm becomes the go to move, unless you run an appropriately typed check. Of course, if the opponent is running substitute, you can just sit on leaf storm until they try to heal or can't make anymore.

Finally; synchronize, confuse ray, thunder wave and type checks are good improv choices.

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well, if you are playing at gen 7, just use a dark type Pokemon. they are completely immune to prankster except for moves like destiny bond, subtitute, etc. otherwise, use extreme speeders or taunters/magic bouncers.