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Guys how to train my POKEMON to get the perfect hidden power that I need?for example I want hidden power ice on my jolteon.how do I do it?I have been wanting to know.please help!


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Well, it isn't about training. The best way to do it is to breed and hope for the proper IV allocation. The downside is this will cost you 1 speed IV.

You will need odd numbered hp, atk, sp atk, def and sp def IVs and an even numbered speed IV.

Hidden powers are based on the even/odd spread of IVs.

I'll avoid cross posting links to other sites, but you can Google "hidden power" chart to assist you.

Do you know how to breed IVs?

Yeah man I know to IV breed
It's all about IV breeding. The various combinations between odd numbered and even numbered IVs changes what type Hidden Power is.
Alright. Then the rest is easy, though getting a 30 iv will be annoying. Good luck