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For example, let's say my Pokemon knows HP [Fire]. If it dynamax, then it would be Max Strike or Max Flare?

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The Max Moves of Hidden Power and Judgment change type to be the type their non-Max Move variants have been set to be. For example, Arceus's Judgment becomes Max Strike, but its Hidden Power Fire would be Max Flare. This is because Multi-Attack, which is actually in Sword and Shield, changes in this manner.


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It will be something like Weather Ball, it will say Max Strike, but when you use it, for example, your Hidden Power type is Fire type, then it becomes Max Flare instead of Max Strike because it is fire type. And, by the way, just saying, Hidden Power isn't in Gen 8.

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Well, I had it as I was playing in Nat Dex AG.
that's because Anything Goes lets you use Hidden Power
National Dex AG programmed hidden power to be based on multi-attack, not weather ball.