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Playing through Platinum again because I love it so much, and one of the skiers on Route 217 said that it's almost always a blizzard, but occasionally it clears up and the view is beautiful. All three times I've played through Platinum, Route 217 has always been a constant onslaught of hailstones and destruction (Hail damage kills). Does it ever stop snowing there, or is that just NPC dialogue?

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Usually, Bulbapedia will say on what days the weather will change. I looked there, and there was no information about changing weather on that particular route.
I thought route 117 was in hoenn?
Oops, I mean 217 :P
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No, the weather does not change.

The NPC was just trying to make conversation and the weather is always hail/snow. Source

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There is, however, a small easter egg in snowpoint city, where on one day of the year, the snow sparkles, I cannot remember the exact date but that's the closest to a weather change I can think that's near the route.
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The hail does change on a select few days each year, when it changes to 'diamond dust', which has no effect in battle.
A full list of diamond dust days can be found at http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Easter_egg#Diamond_dust

It doesn't happen on Route 217. Read the source more carefully.
Oh, my mistake.