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nope [filler]
yes it did release but the event got over
Was it released in Canada?

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According to Serebii, Hoopa has been released in the following countries and on the following dates (the events are now over):

Australia/New Zealand
Jan 18 — Jan 29, 2016
Serial Code

United States
Nov 27 — Dec 23, 2015
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(it is possible that this included Canada as well)

July 18 — Sept 30, 2015
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Oct 10 — Nov 22, 2015
Serial Code

Nov 3 — Nov 30, 2015
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Aug 21 — Nov 30, 2015
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I thought they had them in Canada as well,I may be wrong...
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No. For future queries, check a Pokemon page on bulbapedia to see its events.

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