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DISCLAIMER: I am kind of a noob to competitive battling, but I do enjoy it. Also before anyone removes this question, no, this is not a "What is a good moveset for Mew?" kind of question. This one is about the Mews that I have from the 20th Anniversary Distribution. (I have two, one in Y and one in OR)

Neither Mews have been EV trained yet, and there are no decided items either. Just looking for ideas

> Mew #1

Idea: Specially offensive tank
Modest Nature (-Attack, +Special Attack)
Perfect IVs in HP, Special Attack and Special Defense


HP 341
Attack 212
Defense 227
Special Attack 259
Special Defense 236
Speed 211

Current Moveset

  • Psychic STAB
  • Calm Mind to make it an even more dangerous unit
  • Reflect surprise factor, resistance to physical moves
  • Scald coverage, possible chance to burn

Problems I see it lacks a means of recovery and versatility; I was just trying something new because currently all my trained Pokémon are all-out offensive. Opinions?

> Mew #2

Idea: Physical sweeper with surprising bulk
Jolly Nature (-Special Attack, +Speed)
Perfect IVs in Defense, Special Defense and Speed


HP 324
Attack 219
Defense 236
Special Attack 211
Special Defense 236
Speed 259

Current Moveset

  • Zen Headbutt STAB
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Flame Charge gimmicky, but raises speed
  • Drain Punch coverage, recovery

Problems I see seems very gimmicky, but I didn't really have a chance to test it yet; spreading EVs efficiently may be a challenge

Astro's Edit: Fixed the sprite for ya ;)

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AegiDash: Well, I reset until I thought the nature and IVs made sense. Legendary Pokemon are already programmed to have at least three random perfect IVs. It makes sense, since you can't breed them to perfection like most other Pokes and most are hard to catch.
sumwun: Doctor Disco is correct; Mew can indeed learn Flame Charge. Mine has.
No. I mean Mew 2. Not Mew. Mew 2.
This post is about two separate Mews, both of which I have (referred to as Mew #1 and Mew #2 respectively); there is no Mewtwo here, it wasn't even mentioned
It should say move set, not move pool.
The Noby: haha, yeah my bad. It's fixed now, thanks for pointing that out! :)

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This might perform better in the chatroom, as it is a highly opinion based question, but I believe your Defenseive Mew could benefit from Flame Charge, Power Up Punch, Baton Pass and Drain Punch or Protect. He pairs well with bulky Pokemon and with Kangaskhans.

I personally use Thunder Wave over Protect. People will just sit there and let you boost to great levels.
Finally! Somebody gave me an answer and it's actually a good one! Question: do you have any ideas for items and EV spread?
...as for the chatroom, for some reason it never really worked for me when it comes to moveset ideas
Well, for items... that is tough. Mew is hard to equip because I don't know the rest of your team, but avoid choice items. Focus Sash might do you well.
Focus Sash on a bulky support set? Sitrus Berry, Leftovers or Lum Berry might be better options. Sitrus and Leftovers are good healing items for Doubles and Singles, respectively, while Lum Berry keesp Mew from being Spored or Paralyzed. You could also try White Herb for a Baton Pass set as a gimmick option to prevent being Intimidated or slowed by Sticky Web.
Focus Sash prevents SCOs, (Stray Critical One-shots) and Swords Dance Priorities. When I tested the set I mentioned, I found my Mew would get killed most often by those two variants.