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Which should be in my team? Dragonite or Togekiss? I want to get a Togekiss but is my Dragonite worth being replaced? Thanks <3

Dragonite @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Multiscale
Nature: Hasty
enter image description here
• Fly
• Draco Meteor
• ThunderBolt
• Focus Punch

Togekiss @ King’s Rock / Leftovers
Trait: Serene Grace
Nature: Timid
enter image description here
• Aura Sphere
• Air Slash
• Hidden Power Ground
• Shadow Ball

How does it have Mulitscale in Gen IV?
idek i think its hacked D:

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I would use Togekiss because it has a better fit on your particular team. Your Dragonite is kinda trash. If you are willing to change it (breed it for Adamant/Jolly OR Timid/Modest nature and stick to Physical or Special typing), you would probably do better with a Choice item OR you can take the choice item off for a Life Orb to capitalize on the set. Fly is kind of asking to get wrecked though. That is basically a discount switch in for any savvy player.

Also, could you change the name of your question so that it can help other players easier if they are searching for similar info?

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Why is that Dragonite unavailable?
It has Multiscale. But that alone isn't a good enough reason to replace it.
Oh. You are right. I was thinking HGSS was Gen 4. Now I feel old. lol I need to stop answering questions at 3AM
HGSS is Gen 4 .-.
Ok... Well, I am seeing him not having his hidden ability in Gen IV.


And the Poke Checker Nintendo provided confirms. Maybe it needs to be updated.