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I've dived headfirst into the wonderful world of Pokemon gen 1 glitches. and I'm having fun with Pokemon over level 100. I noticed that there are several things that are odd about them that I cannot find through other sources. For example, sources say that when a Pokemon is leveled past 255 it reverts to level 0 (Tested and proved) and that if one gets any exp it will revert to level 100 (also tested), but from experience, they take a very long time to withdraw from PCs, sometimes even self-locking the game, which is something I've found nowhere else. Does anyone else have information on these odd Pokemon?


let me guess. Rerelease red/blue item duplication glitch gone wrong because you forgot to check your bag before you started the fight at cinnabar island?
Well, they firstly do NOT harm your console in anyway. Catch em all. Also, withdrawing from PC is something I've never experienced.
I got these Pokemon deliberately.

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As far as I know, Pokemon over Level 100 do not hurt your game in any sort of way. However seeing you (probably) got the re-release of the game for the New 3DS, it'll probably be different than using a gameboy. If that's not the case, scratch off anything I said before.

I've seen many videos on YouTube concerning Generation 1 glitches (especially the one to get MissingNo, which is probably the one you used), and I've never seen one person deposit and withdraw a Pokemon over Level 100. Never. (And for this reason, I don't think that Pokemon that exceed level capacity are supposed to be stored in the PC, but hey, it's a theory.)

Hope this helps.