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I thought Pokemon of Higher level were not supposed to obey you if you don't have the 8th gym badge so this lugia listens to everything I say......it should be disobeying me


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Original Pokemon (Pokemon you caught) will always obey you.
As for traded Pokemon...

You don't need the 8th Gym Badge for Level 90 Pokemon to obey you. As long as you have 7 or more badges, all Pokemon level 90 or below will obey you.

Either that, or the trainer you got it from has the same name, same ID, and same secret ID number (1 in 4,294,967,296 chance this will happen).

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Pokemon will always listen to their Original Trainer. I think this was only certain Gens, so I'll get that information.

While a traded Pokémon doesn't really change in any way (with the obvious exception of those who evolve through this method), a Trainer lacking the proper Badges will be unable to control a Pokémon over a specified level; this issue is only encountered because said Trainer is not the original one.

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