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I am doing a nuzlocke run in red version and I am about to face the elite four. My Pokemon are fearow lapras nidoking nidoqueen vileplume and vaporeon. Any tips on what tms or such I should do to be able to beat them? Or good places to grind? Also my team is kinda open to change, only if the new Pokemon is on victory road. Thanks

Well Loriei has ice ice baby, so you want to teach one of your Pokes a rock move, or (hopefully) catch a rock type in Victory Road.
But why two relatives of the Nido family? I get that one's more defensive and one's more of an attacker, but I think it's weird to have both--

Oh wait, this is a Nuzlocke. Don't mind me.

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On your team there is two ground poison types and two water types. Change one of the king/queen to a ghost/dark/psychic type Pokemon. as for lapras/vaporeon keep vaporeon way much better and can survive powerful moves easily. Victory road is a good place to grind or the top of cycling road. And get a rock Pokemon instead of the lapras. (Graveler)

Always assume enemy moves will do critical damage. Always consider a move made were an enemy critic can wipe you out to be a massive risk. I think it's important to note that many people end up finishing their Nuzlocke runs with a lot of cash. SPEND IT. Potions etc are extremely important. A good way to counter explosions is to find a Pokemon with Damp or a sturdy ghost type, preferably Dusclop because it willprobably survive other attacks. If you are caught against an exploder without defense, you can use fly and have a chance of not being hit, but your best bet is to switch to something with high health or, if worst comes to worst, your weakest link.

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This is gen 1 so there isn't abilities or sablyeye cofigrius etc

And since it is a nuzlocke I cannot get anymore pokemon besides the ones on victory road, because I have already encountered pokemon in every other area
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