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current team:

Lampent Lv. 46
Gavantula Lv. 45
Scrafty Lv. 45
Musharna Lv. 33
Archeops Lv. 47
Samurott Lv. 43

need some help please the firt e4 is a ghost type since that chalendure's shadow balls and fire blase takes a ridiculous damage and destroying the entire team any tips on beating the e4?

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Evolve Lampent and train Musharna and Samurott
I think you should stop using Musharna. It's underleveled right now, and catching it up probably isn't worth the experience. You already have Archeops for sweeping Marshall. As for the rest of your team, I think you should just fight the other 3 Elite 4 members until you're strong enough to defeat the ghost type member.
i'm now at N's castle any tips on beating N?
@Scorby, ask a question if you want to get a better answer

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Hello, hope this finds you well.

1) Like @Boaty McBoatface said, you should do some more training. Victory Road is a good training area.

2)This is my strategy for all Pokémon games. Use one of your Pokémon to be a status inflicter. For example, one of my favourite moves, Attract. Although this seems to be a unnecessary move, it can get really annoying of the opposite gender opponent. You can also teach your Pokémon some other status affecting moves so you don't even give the opponent a chance to attack.

Hope this helps! :)

I'm pretty sure battling the other Elite 4 members gives more experience than fighting wild Pokemon in Victory Road.
Also, attract is slower and less reliable than directly attacking the opponent. It takes up a move slot and a turn that could be used to attack, and it only has a 1/2 chance of working.
I always do my training on victory road. ;)
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Hello, hope this helps,

For the ghost e4,
Samurott and chandelure. Samurott is a tank that can learn mega horn leveling up (bug type move with 120 power)
Chandelure is the highest sp Atk fighter in the game and can basically crush all of shauntels team with shadow ball.

Against Marshall/fighting
You can train Musharna, but their painfully slow. Chandelure can learn psychic (special attack monster). Scrafty and Archeops can learn plenty of dark type moves, level them up by another 5 or so levels and you should have no problem.

Agains grimsley/dark

You can basically crush him with your scrafty once you level it up some more. I would reccomend spamming brick break, ore teching it focus blast through tm and hiving it an accuracy raising item to hold (like scope lens which also raises critical hit ratio).

Agains Caitlin/psychic

Mega horn. Her sigilyph is annoying so teach one of your Pokemon thunderbolt and one hit ko the thing.

The champion alder half of his team are big types, so have Archeops learn Ariel ace or another reliable flying type move (but don’t forget to do some leveling up, if you have your team at at least 50, the e4 are a breeze but alders Pokemon are in the 70’s :( so I would do some serious leveling up unless you go with the type advantage and 1 hit ko his whole team.
His vanillite is weak to fighting type moves so scrafty can beat it easily, scrafty can also take care of his bouffalant (a normal type). His druddigon is annoying, but Archeops learns dragon claw at lv 56 or by Tm.

Hope this helped

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Archeops very easily sweeps Marshall with acrobatics. It doesn't need any other moves. How is dark good against fighting, anyway? Also, Alder isn't part of the first Elite 4 challenge. Players can't fight Alder until after they defeat N and Ghetsis and complete the main story.
@sumwun, Marshall does not go down easily, especially with such a bulky team
Either way, would Archeops's dark attacks make it easier?