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hi .. am new to competitive playing not the game ! , am so bored with these moves :-
swords dance + nasty plot + dragon dance .

i mean they being abused and ruining the game for me , my questions are :-

1) why these moves don't have a down side like curse or shell smash , so they won't be abused in battle ?
2) any advise how to deal with these moves ?

i tried to use roar but until I switch to my Pokemon that knows roar , he used another
swords dance and GAME OVER lol .

+ AWildNoobAppeared .. lol , xerneas i can handle easy with my registeel .. just use me a a psych up ( which an underestimated move ! ) and xerneas is useless
but i can't seem to deal with a swordsdance lol
+ sumwun .. maybe u right  .. as for skarmory +sturdy +whirlwind seems a good strategy .. sure am gonna try it out
I'm surprised nobody's suggested to burn/paralyze the user. Especially Prankster users. Also, prediction can easily surprise a set up attacker.
Whimsicott is also a good counter to Pokemon who set up. You get priority Encore which gives you free turns to sub and force that Pokemon to switch out with Leech Seed.
I did not suggest prankster because fairies suck.

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Answering question 1)

Swords dance can be evaded but obviously using many tactics such as Pokemon held items.. if my garchomp held a red card which forced your sharpedo out for instance which was using swords dance then your stat buffs get removed.. problem is red card is a one time use and preffered for wifi... ingame battling though such as campaign I'd recommened you research exactly what your after and trying to build since writing this I'm unaware of what Pokemon your using however ill give some examples..

Keldeo is, IMO, the best offensive counter. It resists both Steel and Dark STABS, can hit it 4x with Secret Sword, and play mind games with the ability to set up a substitute on a Sucker Punch. It's ideal.
For a more defensive 'mon, perhaps try Mega Venusaur or Ferrothorn, really.

Breloom @ Focus Sash
Ability: Technician
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Bullet Seed
- Mach Punch
- Spore

just examples really to what you phrased earlier, to counter stat buff changes against Pokemon you need move sets like ''spore'' , burned enemy Pokemon so on like will-o-wisp move<<

Question 2)

A Pokemon like this

Starmie @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Analytic (1.3 power if moved last)
EVs: 164 Def / 92 SpA / 252 SpD
Modest Nature
- Surf (STAB 1.5)
- Minimize (raise evasinveness by 2)
- Recycle (use berry again)
- Thunderbolt (just for a laugh vs anyting flying, water)

you can seriously mix things up a bit if you was willing to try wifi :)

Not sure tbh if I helped but do hope it came to some sort of closure for you..

Well .. thanks a lot for the info u provided :-

1) i know there are ways to counter these moves but they are hard to make it work sometimes , just like the pokemon with roar or minimize or sash + spore example !! works .. but sometimes not

2)as for the game i beat it already and now focusing on wifi battles

3) as for the red card .. it's good strategy but if the pokemon holding the red card faints and couldn't withstand the hit it won't activate  0_o

4) am not complete pathetic lol .. i win and lose just like all players here

5) u didn't answer my first question why these moves don't have downside like curse and other moves u think ?
"Curse and other moves"

Curse and Shell Smash are the only stat boosting moves that have a downside. It's just these two moves that stand as exceptions, not Swords Dance and Dragon Dance.
+Dead ..
u forget about bellydrum and geomancy !
stats boost + downside !
I was talking along the lines of stat reduction.

Come to think of it though, Curse's speed drop isn't necessarily a downside. That speed drop can make moves like Gyro Ball more powerful, and a pokemon faster in Trick Room.

Shell Smash, Belly Drum and Geomancy all boost stats by an insane amount, so they have valid reasons for handicap. Compared to them, a +2 attack or a +1 attack and speed comes off as really tiny.
True .. can't argue with what u saying , but i still feel these moves unfair and should get a downside of any kind ( that is just my opinion ) i might be wrong after all , i don't know >>>>> :-)
Eh, they're strategic moves. As easy as it is to have those moves, the chances that come to use them are few. Many a times, if the opponent puts on enough pressure, you cannot even use these moves without getting irreversibly damaged.

In a way, the very fact that they take up a turn comes as a downside.
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Answer to Question 1:

1) why these moves don't have a down side like curse or shell smash , so they won't be abused in battle ? Game Freak designed them in a way which a downside doesn't seem apparent but in all actuality the downside is you take a whole turn to setup which means you're open to be attacked/burned/paralysed which in turn can completely negate all effort

Answer to Question 2:

any advise how to deal with these moves ? Prankster users for example like Klefki and Mega Banette really help in this case because the +1 (?) priority effect moves like Thunder Wave and Will-o-Wisp really hurt (Quite Alot)

In any case, I hope I kinda explained and shed some light on the subject

Regards Kaname~

( The downside is you take a whole turn to setup ) ..
i didn't remember that ,  That's so true !!
but still u have to admit the moves being abused a lot !!
most people's  forfeits i see , is after these moves are used ( abused ) ? despite they still have pokemon on waiting !!  they lose the will to fight and forfeit