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Okay, so here is the thing, 1. I know I could get Shedinja to use Mimic and copy an ally using a move like Skill Swap or Entrainment, then use it on the Air Balloon Electric Type, but either the enemy keeps 1 shotting the Pokemon who uses Skill Swap, Entrainment ect, 'Killing' Shedinja on the first/second turn, or popping the Air Balloon, and I could switch into the Electric Air Balloon Pokemon as Shedinja uses the move, but Shedinja is kinda slow so someone who attempted to attack the Pokemon I recalled would instead hit the Electric Air Balloon Pokemon and pop the Air Balloon. 2. Any other methods I could try, or is that it?

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Triple battle. Lopunny, Shedinja, Electivire (Air Balloon). Lopunny uses skill swap on opponent. Shedinja uses mimic on lopunny. Shedinja uses skill swap on Electivire (it's only using skill swap on Shedinja that doesnt work, not Shedinja using skill swap itself). Now Electivire is invincible to all damaging moves, and a Pokemon with cloud nine, forest's curse and safeguard can make it completely invincible!

But forest's curse makes it weak to fire, poison, ice, and bug.
Wow, someone thought of this too.
I MEANT Skill Swap would NOT work IF ANOTHER POKEMON used it on SHEDINJA, but it WOULD IF SHEDINJA used it.
Jesus christ I'm not a noob, nor am I retarded...