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At level 43 Nidorino learns Poison Jab, and at level 43 Nidoking learns Earthpower, and those are both moves the other form doesn't learn. So if I evolve Nidorino at level 43, will he learn that move when he evolves or will I need a move reminder? (This is HeartGold)

I'm pretty sure it will learn Earth Power when it evolves
Nidoking can learn Poison Jab with TM84, which I am pretty sure can be obtained on HG/SS

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Nidoking can learn Poison Jab with TM84 IN HGSS, It is obtained in the Fuschia City Gym. I suggest that you evolve Nidorino with a Moonstone before level 43, so your Nidorino (Nidoking) can learn Earth Power and then you can use the TM84 to give it Poison Jab, simple, no Move Reminder needed!

Source: The Pokemon DB's PokeDex