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So I have a shaymin and I went to the person in the snowbelle pokecenter, but all she says is "Have you ever heard of the Gracidea Flower? It's been a long standing tradition in the Sinnoh region to give bouquets of them to people as a way of expressing one's appreciation!" Does the shaymin need to have a certain move or something?

It needs to be in your party. That's probably it
It is in my party, so that's not it. I'm not sure if it's hacked but I think it is, so that might be my problem. It says it was originally met in the pokemon village, but I'm pretty sure that's not possible. Can anyone confirm?
If it was met in the Pokemon Village, it's definitely hacked

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>In Pokémon X and Y, Gracideas are featured in one of the paintings on display at the Lumiose Museum. A female NPC located at the Snowbelle City Pokémon Center will share one of her Gracideas with the player if she is shown a Shaymin.

It says "if she is shown a Shaymin" so you need to have it in your party to get the Gracidea Flower.

Hope this helps!


I have it in my party, in the first slot, but she doesn't react to it at all.
That means that the Shaymin isn't a legitimate one. It might have been hacked, I'm sorry to say. The woman only gives the gracidea to legit Shaymin.