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For instance I have a level 100 Chandulure with a naughty nature which gives it a boost to attack but Chandulure is known for its special attack should I try to get a different one or do natures not matter a 100?

I don't understand why natures would stop mattering at level 100 wouldnt the stats just stay like 10% higher/lower
At lvl 100  the nature difference will be quite noticeable,so  I  think you should go for a different one if you are going to use it for competitive play.

but if you are a casual player it doesn't matter that much IMO.

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Actually, it matters more at level 100 than lower levels. A nature will make one stat 10% higher than normal and one stat 10% lower.

So a Chandelure with an attack-boosting stat will have 10% higher attack, which is a bit useless. You would be better having a 10% boost in special attack or speed. And since you won't use the attack stat, you can get a nature that reduces that instead. In short: Modest or Timid.

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Unless you wont to compete in Pokemon video game series, it doesn't really matter. If you compete, it get's put back to level 50.