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I have many Pokemons which I'd love to use, but they either have bad natures or neutral ones. In cases like this, should I tailor the EV spread around those natures, or should I go with the standard EV spread as if it was its favorable nature??

Moves and EVs are usually more important than natures, so if you really want to use something with a bad nature, then you can probably ignore the nature.
If you want to go all out, breed said Pokémon you want to use for the correct natures. If they are legendary/mythical, and you can't get another in any "controlled" way, then I guess using them with the undesired nature is the best you can do. :P
In addition, a very effective strategy is using the Everstone for pkmn in the daycare. If a pkmn in the daycare holds the everstone, they will pass on their nature. As natures only affect 10% of the stat, I would also recommend breeding for IVs using the destiny knot or power items for preferred stats. It is quite tedious, but worth the time.

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You usually shouldn't compensate for a bad nature; you could just treat its nature if it never existed.

If you're willing to go the extra distance, you can instead just breed a better nature instead.