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so if I'm unsure about witch nature I should get for a Pokemon, I usually go for a nuetral one....... is that a mistake or a reasonable assumtion?

Depends which Pokemon you have a neutral nature on.
In general, the best nature raises your most useful stat and lowers your most useless stat. I don't think all your stats will ever be equally useful, so don't use neutral natures.
You can get away with a neutral nature if you're playing the story in-game, but by the sounds of things you're actually putting thought into the optimal nature. In that case, yeah neutral natures are never optimal.

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In game team: Yes
Special Sweeper: No. Use Timid/Modest
Physical Sweeper No. Use Jolly/Adamant
Mixed Sweeper: No. Use Hasty/Naive/Mild/Rash/Lonely/Naughty
Special Wall: No. Use Calm/Sassy/Careful
Physical Wall: No. Use Bold/Relaxed/Impish
General Wall: No. Use Calm/Sassy/Careful/Bold/Relaxed/Impish
Special Trick Room Sweeper: No. Use Quiet
Physical Trick Room Sweeper: No. Use Brave
Mixed Trick Room Sweeper: No. Use Quiet/Brave
Tanky Physical Sweeper: Adamant
Tanky Special Sweeper: Modest

As you can see their is always a better choice than a neutral nature. Please comment if you think I messed up somewhere on my list.

Source: Trying stuff out on Showdown! and this article.

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