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I Was On Serebii, looking at some pokemons stats at lvl 50 and 100, and they were broken up into the categories Hindering/Neutral/Beneficial. What Is Each?


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Natures increase one stat by 10% and decrease one stat by 10%. "Neutral" natures are ones that increase and decrease the same stat, so the effect is nullified.
See http://pokemondb.net/nature for a table of natures and which stats they increase/decrease.

When you're working out the highest possible value a stat can be you need a nature that increases said stat. So for the attack stat, "beneficial" means the pokemon would have a nature that increases attack, like Lonely or Adamant.

"Hindering" is the opposite - to get the lowest possible value you'd need a nature that reduces that stat.

Remember, the actual maximum is incredibly difficult to get near to, since you need max IVs, good nature and max EVs. Obviously it's impossible to get the max value across all stats.

Ok, thx everybody, I get it now!
But then what does it mean under the HP column? There are no natures that raise or lower HP.
Where is the HP column are you referencing? You're right and that's why there shouldn't be one.
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Hindering means the nature makes the stat less than average. Neutral is average stat increase. Beneficial is greater stat increase.

That Still Doesnt Make Sense Because it should, in that case, show the sats for each nature, because none of the natures are the same
Yes, but you can figure it out for yourself. Check this out, a range of stats for a Torterra with the lonely nature:

HP: 300-394
Attack: 245-348
Sp. Attack: 155-249
Defense: 193-278
Sp. Def: 175-269
Speed: 117-211
Serebii.net doesn't have everything, so it won't give stats for every nature.
Is there a place that does show it the stats for each nature and pokemon?
Not that I know of. Serebii.net is the best I know at giving min/max stats.