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I have been back in X and Y for almost three days. I have fully evolved my Pupitar into a Tyranitar and I breed it with Ditto. The Tyranitar is male and in Dusk Ball and has a Timid nature and the Ditto has a Quirky nature. I saved the game before putting them in daycare and then got my first egg again. I don't know what happens when you take a Pokemon out of daycare and then put them back in, but it was after I took my Pokemon out of daycare the first time to keep them from gaining levels or with this Time Machine Masuda Method, what happens if I put my first Pokemon in daycare at all and the first egg I had since that was well over 4 years ago. So I can't get into any more detail on that. What I do know before I forget is the first time that egg hatched, the Larvitar was Rash nature. All other times, that same egg hatched an Impish nature Larvitar. I don't understand what is going on. I am after an Adamant male Larvitar and I can't seem to get one. My Pokemon are just steady leveling up in the daycare fast. I also don't have the Hatching Power so I have to spend more than 5 minutes to hatch an egg. The first time I tried hatching a bunch of eggs at once. One time I got Jolly natured Larvitar when in the previous set of tries, I didn't. This time I kept it. It's in my PC. I actually have 2 of those. The second being because I must've saved after getting rid of the Honedge eggs. Will I get an answer?

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I'm pretty sure the natures are determined when the day care person finds the egg. I guess you're just unlucky.
What about before he finds the egg?
The contents of each egg is predetermined.

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There is only one thing determined before the Pokemon gets put in the daycare and that is what egg will contain a shiny. The game will only determine what is in the egg after you place the Pokemon in the daycare. Aside from shinyness, all other IVs, natures, etc are randomized/decided by whom the parents are but you can try to manipulate the breeding process to get a better chance at getting what you desire. For example you can give an everstone to the parent Pokemon whose nature you want and if the game decides to pass that parent's nature down to the child, then the child will get that nature, but even with natures the game could decide to pass down the nature from either the mother or father despite having the everstone equipped to one of them.
Source(s): Experience and https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_breeding#Inheriting_Natures

I don't think this is quite right. The inheritance pattern of natures and IVs are determined before putting Pokemon in the day care, but the actual inherited values are determined by the parents. So for example, if you bred a timid Pokemon with an everstone and the first child was timid, then soft-resetting and replacing timid with jolly will make the first child jolly. This is why swap breeding works with natures and IVs. http://i.imgur.com/M7x08pp.png