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I'm wondering if a Rocky Helmet is a good idea for Ferrothorn (so opponent loses 1/4 HP every contact hit).

Ferrothorn is weak to Fighting, which is almost all contact moves, and Fire... which I don't know. Are most Fire moves non-contact?

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Some fire moves,like fire punch,flare blitz and fire fang ae physical.let me make a list:
fire punch
fire fang
flare blitz
flame charge
blaze kick
flame wheel
sacred fire
heat crash
that's the only physical fire moves I can think about.maybe you could search it up somewhere

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Well yes .
Not most maybe but the most used fire moves are non-contact such as,
heat wave
and http://pokemondb.net/move/all#fire
as you see most of the moves on your page MOST moves are non-contact.

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