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solar power REDUCES HP in strong sunlight, and yet heat, if anything is beneficial to Charizard according to the anime. Certainly at the very least reducing heat (a reference to it's tail) is bad for Charizard. Wouldn't flash fire or heatproof be a better option? can any one explain the reasoning behind this? Competitively beneficial is one thing, but it seams to directly contradict everything both in the pokedex and on the anime.

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What would be the point of a Water Veil Ability for Fire-types or when they already can't be burned? Same thing for Heatproof.
well that's embarrassing, novice mistake, let me edit
to add to this, my point is that it seams odd to me that a weather effect that boosts fire attacks, would reduce a fire type pokemon's HP. I feel that solar power for M Houndoom and the Charmander family seems odd. I feel this ability suits grass types more, and that more grass types should have this ability

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A Charizard with Solar Power accompanied by Sunny Day support can slaughter a whole team.
A good move set would be:

[email protected]/ Heat Rock
Solar Power
252 S.Att/252 Speed/6 HP

Dragon Pulse
Solar Beam
Air Slash/HP Ground/Sunny Day

(This varies on whether you have Sunny Day support or not)
As for the next part of your question, I suggest you wait until Generation VII. It's GameFreak's choice on which abilities they want to introduce. Fingers crossed.

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you and I think almost alike: that's my current Charizard set (except I use flamethrower for accuracy, and it's for singles), but I use mega, so the point of my question is lost. If you have a different mega, then yes, this can work with leftovers to counter the HP loss. Wether or not it works as a game mechanic is not why I'm confused, it's the physical aspect that Charizard LOOSING HP from an environment that by all accounts should benefit it that seems confusing (it survives falling into a volcano in the anime for heaven's sake!)
I get what you're trying to say. There is a term we use here called "Game Freak Logic". A lot of our answers end with this. It's not really in our hands. I have always wondered how a flying type like Archeops could conjure up an Earthquake.
The anime are totally different from the games. However, we can always try to make our own theories. :)
yes, sadly I see that phrase thrown around a lot, not because people couldn't be bothered coming up with a real answer, but because that IS the real answer. I wouldn't even reference the anime, these are things that don't make sense, even by the laws of physics (but that's a whole different can of worm, right...)
Exactly. Our answers are either based on logic/science, anime or the games.