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I want a specific answer like Type coverage, Move pools etc.

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I edited the title of the question to make it more specific and somewhat more answerable. I hope you don’t mind.
This is for competitive, right? What format are you asking about?

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MegaZard X
-A strong Wall breaker thanks to Tough Claws and high attack stat.
-Has some awesome moves like Flare blitz and Earthquake.
-Dragon Dance make it a Strong Physical Sweeper, bye bye Eviolite Chansey..
-Can use Roost to negate recoil from Flare Blitz.
-Eathquake can stop Toxapex and Heatran, for it's high attack stats.
-Become outsped by Choice Scarf users such as Greninja, Garchomp etc.
-Heatran, Toxapex, Landorus and Tapu Fini can easily KO it.
- It isn't much bulky to take some special attack.
- Before MegaZard X can set up, some Pokemon can easily defeat it.
MegaZard T
-Has Drought and great Special Attack to become a special sweeper.
-Has access to Solar Beam, that can hit Water, Rock type Super effectively.
-Focus Blast deals with Heatran and Tyranitar.
-Can't hit Toxapex and Chansey.
-Hate Stealth Rock, a common move.
-Defeated by most rock type attack.
-Can be Revenge killed so easily.