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So 1/8 of your HP is taken each turn to give you +50% of your Sp.atk. That is also +1 if I am not mistaken. So does a Pokemon at +6 at 1/8 of its HP in the sun with Solar Power hit a 750% boost? And does the Solar Power boost carry on to a Mega Evolution? I'm curious because the Flash Fire boost doesn't carry on to Mega Houndoom.


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Solar power does not boost SpA like moves do. If a Pokemon had a +6 SpA boost and solar power while it was sunny, the SpA boosts would multiply its SpA by 4 and then solar power would boost it 1.5 times to achieve 6 times its SpA. This would not carry into mega evolution, because solar power only boosts SpA while it is active.

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Solar Power increases to +6? How do you know that? To my knowledge it remains a 50% boost at the cost of 12% HP each turn. If it went to +6 it'd be completely overpowered.
Were you trying to say that Solar Power's boost would be based on SpA multipliers? Like, it would give a bigger boost at +6 than it would normally?
No, I never implied that solar power gave a +6 boost. Read my answer carefully. Or read what Doctor Disco said.
You certainly made it sound that way :/ "active solar power receives a *6 boost in SpA"
i dont understand the answer m9
"A Pokemon with +6 SpA and active solar power receives a *6 boost in SpA." Read the whole thing. Also +6 SpA means times 4 Special attack and solar power is a a further 50% boost (equal to the first stage gain) but is separate, therefore sumwun's pokemon has +10 SpA (if each stage is +50% additive)
Is it better now that I have edited it?
yes o: