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i know that's it is the hidden ability from charizard and heliolisk but how does it works? en how to get it?


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How does it work:

During harsh sunlight, Solar Power raises the ability-bearer's Special
Attack by 50%, but it also loses 1⁄8 of its maximum HP after each

So basically you get a huge power boost for your special attacks but you lose health each turn.

How do you get it on charizard/Heliolisk:
You can obtain a Hidden Ability Charizard by finding Charmeleon in a Fire type Friend Safari, while you can catch a Hidden Ability Helioptile from Electric Type Friend Safaris.

holy **** so it hits 350% boost at max?
thanks a lot. now i have 1 problem i have no fire in safari zone...
no, it's a 600% boost at max.