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rock pokemon get a 50% sp.def boost in sandstorm and why only rock pokemon?
but yeah, why not water pokemon in rain also for example?
or is it because the accuracy of blizzard and thunder?
thanks :)

Ice pokemon get boosted sp.def too from hail-just saying.
they do!??! r u sure?
Yup! Of course it is! I never lie.
Alex647, you are wrong.

See here: http://pokemondb.net/move/hail
That's not what my cousin said.
i have also read the hail page on db many times so i tought is was suspicious!
Well, sorry guys(ps: never trust your cousins.
yeah it's cool
and never trust your cousins haha

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Rock types have always gotten the short end of the stick in pokemon games. In gen I, they were THE defensive pokemon. Nobody could stand in their way...except fighting, water, grass, and ground types...all of whom were fairly common. They couldn't take psychic pokemon like Alakazam since he just dominated everything, and water and grass types were common all around too. Oh yeah, and most of them had a double weakness to something like Grass or water, making them an even easier kill.

In Gen II/III, they had their thunder stolen by steel types, who not only resisted much more than them, but were even super effective against them, adding insult to injury. It wasn't until Gen IV that rock got a powerful offensive move in stone edge, but even that is unreliable. Rock types got stealth rock in gen Iv, but so did just about everything else. Once again, rock types are just that other type nobody uses except to use rock slide or stone edge.

Steel and ground types have gotten around fine, but rock types pretty much got screwed all the way, so the special defense boost is a way of helping them. The last thing we need is steel types with boosted up special defense. Imagine how painful it would be to take out something like Scizor, Foretress, or Ferrothorn!

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DarkTyphlosion there's an exception in what you said: <<Once again, rock types are just that other type nobody uses except to use rock slide or stone edge. >> Remember the king of OU, Tyanitar.
That's because he initiates sand. Keep in mind that this speaks for rock types as a whole, who are greatly overlooked.
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Well, there is a reason. I will give you the definition of Sand first:

Sand is a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. The composition of sand is highly variable, depending on the local rock sources and conditions.  When combined by Wind, it forms a Sandstorm which is basically Particles of Rock.

The reason it only boosts Rock type stats is because technically the rocks from the sandstorm will attach to the Pokemon thus building its own defence by Filling its weak spots. Steel types and Ground types don't need rocks to boost Defence since they are not made of Rock. It raises its Sp Defence and Water types Get benefits from the rain like abilities Rain Dish and Swift Swim and it boosts the power of Water type moves.

but it's the same thing with ice types, regice is made of ice, and it doesn't get any stat boost in hail, it's seems kind of weird...
How would hail help Regice, it won't help its speed and definately not its body. Hail can't really help you if you think about it except maybe make you hidden.
What i meant was, Regirock is made of rock and Gets a 50% Sp.Def boost in sandstorm correct?
And Regice is made of ice and gets no stat boost in hail.
Ice types do not take this 50% boost, because they are the only pokemons resistant to it. To sandstorm 3 types are resistant.
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Rock, along with Grass, is the type that has most weaknesses (fighting, grass, ground, water, steel) and most rock pokemon lack Sp.Def. so it only is fair to make them have a boost.

But I'd like that if Ice pokemon would get a Def boost in hail. Most Ice pokemon's defense are terrible

cloyster would be a pain in the ass tho if you dont have a strong special attacker
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