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I've seen salamence as a amazing Pokémon, but it does not have any usable flying-type moves while crobat does. Crobat also has amazing speed. What one is better?


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Is this what you are looking for?

Salmance vs Crobat

Crobat has higher speed,defense, and special defense, and HP

Salmance has higher attack, special attack.


Crobat is weak to: Electric, ice, Psychic, and rock.

Salmance is weak to: Ice, Dragon, and Rock.


Crobat is resistant to: Bug, Fighting, Grass, and poison

Salmance is resistant to: Grass, Bug, Fighting, Fire, Water.


Appearently, if you look back, Crobat may be best. It has higher stats, even though it is weak to more types. So, I think the decision is:


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or, if possible, try garchomp
Sorry but I don't think this is a fair comparison. Isn't there more to consider than just stats and weaknesses? What about movepool, type coverage, abilities, etc.
Don't know where you're getting your info on stats either. Crobat and Salamence have identical base defence and special defence and Salamence actually has higher HP than Crobat.
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Judging by your question you're looking for a Flying-type with usable Flying-type moves. Given your two choices, Crobat is the better choice: it has access to Brave Bird, Roost and can make use of Black Sludge to recover. Alternately, you can use Acrobatics and forego any item, making Knock Off less of an issue for Crobat. Dual poison typing is always useful to scare off any Fairy type, and Pursuit can trap Ghost types?

Salamence uses no flying moves, unless you use Mega Mance, and you don't want to, which may not necesarily be a bad thing as Mega Mance requires a set up turn before you have access to Aerialite-boosted Return/Strength/Double Edge.

Of course, other flying Pokemon are available!