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I'm trying to find an maintained list of event Pokemon that are or will be destributed through serial codes or through the Nintendo Network. I know we have sites like bulbapedia and serebii, but they are very fragmented and not what I'm looking for.

First of all if you look at how Bulbapedia has devided all the pages. Or what about Serebii. It's all over the place and catagorised (necessarily) to the point I lose the overview.

What I'm looking for is a list that is formated in something I can handle programmably. So either in XML or JSON or something. I want to throw it in IFTT to get a push notifcation on my phone everytime a new event Pokemon is being destributed through either serial codes or the Nintendo Network.

I can also do some site scraping but that's just not doable with the lists from Bulbapedia or Serebii.

Does anyone know of such a list?

ps. I apologize if this is not the right place to ask. I don't necessarily see this fitting in the other categories.


I seem to get answers almost daily (though I cannot see them here). I'm NOT looking for a serebii or bulbapedia list! I'm looking for a list I can program with. So JSON or XML format. If you don't know what that is, don't respond.

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You could try subscribing to their YouTube channel
Are we talking just the 20th anniversary Mythicals, or all events like the Legendary Birds and Dragonite?
@Poke_Fan_Girl Unfortunately they don't make a video for every individual event Pokemon. It doesn't give any control.
@Spook I'm talking about every Pokémon that will be released through serial code or Nintendo Network, not just 20th anniversary Pokemon.
I hope you don't mind me reformatting the post slightly to make it clearer again what is required in an answer. There are now seven different responses from people who clearly have not read the description properly.

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I have scoured the net, and finally asked my NOA contact directly. There is no list in such a format, as that is simply not how they distribute information.