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Primal Dialga is really powerful when it uses Roar of Time. I faint every time it does so. Is there a way to stop it? Like using Protect or something? Teach both Pokémon Protect? Give me a way to stop Roar of Time!

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There's no real way of stopping him from using that specific move other than using sleep seeds, and items that make it unable to move. Usually what I do is I stock up on violent seeds and reviver seeds, use a stun seed on Dialga, set up my stats using the violent seeds, then throwing a sleep seed at him, and attacking.

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I absolutely hated Primal Dialga the first time I fought him. Roar of Time always came at the most inconvenient moments and wiped my miserable corpse off his lawn. However, after three successful bouts with Primal Dialga, I can give you some tried-and-true paths to victory.

1. Use Seeds.
If you haven't figured it out for yourself by now, Orbs are useless in boss fights. However, Seeds are just as useful and I suggest you take a bunch of them. Sleep Seeds will buy you a few extra turns to heal yourself or your partner, or attack him while his guard's down. X-Eye Seeds will cause Dialga to miss all of his attacks 99% of the time and wander in random directions. However, this does not stop Roar of Time. Blast Seeds are great; eat them while right in front of Dialga and you will inflict a lot of damage, even moreso than some super effective attacks. Reviver Seeds are a given; bring around ten of these. The most useful seed, in my opinion, is the Stun Seed. Stun Seeds immobilize Dialga, who will remain that way until you attack him. This gives you time to heal, boost, get away, etc.

2. Hold Berries
Oran (and the rarer Sitrus) Berries are very useful in any fight, but a nifty feature that I think most people overlook is that, if you and your partner hold an Oran Berry, you/they will consume it automatically upon reaching critical health. Instead of taking 1-2 turns to heal, the first round is free.

3. Raise your IQ.
Raising your IQ with Gummis is super useful throughout the game. Certain traits, like Brick Tough, will make Dialga less challenging. Look here for a list of IQ bonuses and who gets them.

4. Be a cheap lil' sucker.
Use moves like Sand-Attack, Double Team, etc. to minimize Dialga's chance of hitting you. Use hax to your advantage and dodge like Spider-Man.

5. Stay determined!
You're bound to win eventually! Just keep practicing, and trying new strategies. Run out of items? Regroup at Treasure Town and stock up! Look for useful TMs like Brick Break and Earthquake to exploit Dialga's weaknesses. Don't give up.

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my partner knows brick break. But he never wants to even TRY to battle, so i end up fainted. i also try running from diagla, but it always catches up.
i tried a strategy for the kabuto and x2 omastar in brine cave, but that strategy didn't work on diagla
ONE MORE THING: Can skitty learn flamethrower?
im asking this because im the skitty, and my partner is a piplup. Do you need the movesets to see  if they are worthy?
I'll just give you them:

[email protected] Belt
Cute charm
Faint Attack
Shock Wave
Water Pulse

[email protected] Cheri Berry
Drill Peck
Brick Break
Hydro Pump
( Whirlpool, Drill Peck, and Brick break are linked)

There. Use taht to help with moves
aren't stun seeds rare though?
1. You can deselect all of your partner's moves but Brick Break, then set his Tactic to "Go After Foes." He will literally kamikaze right at Dialga.

2. It's worked for me, twice, what wasn't working when you did it?

3. No, but it should get Wake-Up Slap at Lv. 29. Use this in conjunction with Sleep Seeds. Fake Out and Sing will be useful as well. Normalize really hinders you here.

EDIT: Stun Seeds aren't too rare, it just takes some searching. Try accepting only jobs with Stun Seeds as rewards.

Also, please just edit your original comment in the future instead of making a chain :)
i had replaced wake up slap with shock wave. Was that a bad idea? ( both me and my partner are level 53)
which comment, though?
The first one. It's fine this time, but it looks tidier if you just edit previous comments. I don't think it matters because of Normalize. Does it make all moves Normal-type in PMD?
Okay. nd yes. Im sure let me check.

Its a yes
and what is hax? Did you mean: hex?
No, hax is a slang term for when someone gets lucky and the other person gets very unlucky.
okay. Thanks. Hopefully this will help!
would hypnosis keep it asleep long enough?
oh, it was on get away from here. Tahnks!