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I'm trying to make my first Pokemon doubles team, but I don't know the Pokemon suited for the category. Name them all if you can please.

To be honest all Pokémon can be suited for doubles. Slower Pokémon can be sweepers with Trick Room, etc.
I think this has been asked before...
It has a huge special attack stat, several multi-target moves, and can be paired with Storm Drain to eliminate its biggest weakness. Works well with Gastrodon.

It can stop water attacks directed at Camerupt and hit back with several multi-target moves. Grass types can't come in without being threatened by Camerupt.
Works well with Camerupt.

Gengar-Mega (but only if you aren't playing with Smogon clauses)
Perish Song combined with Shadow Tag can trap and KO 2 opponents at once. However, you can't use it on Showdown.

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Talonflame is great because of priority brave bird and tailwind, allowing its teammates an advantage over other Pokemon, and brave bird can take out frail threats for its partner

Jircahi and Clefable are good follow me support, which allows Water Spout to hit extremely hard.

Thundurus is popular because of Prankster Thunder Wave, which heavily cripples threats.