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For Season 6 in Battle Stadium, most of the common Pokemon are gone. This will make Porygon-Z, Urshifu, Kingdra, Alolan Raichu, Coalossal, Comfey and Lapras combos, and The Swords of Justice the main offensive threats. The thing is, all of these Pokemon excluding Urshifu need their ability to sweep. Neutralizing Gas will cripple all of these threats so I can defeat them with an easier time. I want to know what form is better for a standard Series 6 Battle Stadium Doubles team. (Movesets are optional)

I’d personally run Wil-o-Wisp, Clear Smog, Taunt and either Protect or Strange Steam on a bulky support Galarian Weezing. It’s not as good as an offensive mon because then it’s easier to get rid of, which you usually don’t want.

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I would say Galarian Weezing.
It has that extra fairy typing making it able to fight urshifu and kindra way more easily. As for a moveset, mabye try this:
Galarian [email protected] Orb
Ability:Neutralizing Gas
EVs:252 HP 252 Sp.Attack 4 Sp.Defense
•Strange Steam
•Sludge Wave
•Fire Blast

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