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I want to know if Gardevoir is good in doubles. This is because it is my favourite Pokemon and want to make it a part of my team. Thanks. This is for Shield.

Is this for VGC or something else? What Pokemon, moves, or abilities are you not allowed to use?

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Gardevoir can do many things. It can use Life Dew to heal itself and a teammate, it can set Trick Room, burn with Will-O-Wisp, set up dual screens, scout for abilities with Trace, hit both enemy Pokemon with STAB Dazzling Gleam, power-up allies with Helping Hand, and use Icy Wind to slow down enemies, if you aren't running Trick Room. It also can dodge things like Sludge Wave, Earthquake, and Surf due to its ability Telepathy. In conclusion, Gardevoir is a lesser-seen but decent choice as a support Pokemon, and can do quite a bit of damage itself while scouting abilities.

Hope this helped!

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^ this.
I think you should also add that you are free to use earthquake or surf since Gardevoir dodges it with telepathy
eq is way more common than surf but I guess you're right that's a factor.
Thanks, I edited it