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For Pokemon Sword, I want a Gardevoir. Would Mystical Fire be a good move, given that it covers Gardevoir's steel type weakness? My intended moveset is Psychic, Shadow Ball, Moonblast, and some other coverage move. Would Mystical Fire be good or should I use something like Thunderbolt or Energy Ball/Grass Knot?

In game?

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Assuming this is ingame,I would choose mystic fire.You don't have anything to cover steel types,which is bad.Also,shadow ball is bad on the set in my opinion because it doesn't help cover anything important.Instead of shadow ball,I would use thunderbolt,grass knot,or calm mind to replace shadow ball.I think psyshock could be better than psychic in certain situations.Here is a set for it:
Gardevoir @ anything
Mystical Fire
Thunderbolt/Grass Knot/Calm Mind
I hope I've helped!

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Also,anything works in game.
Ok, thank you!
No prob!Also shadow ball could still be good,it doesn't cover enough imo.