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I want to use Gardevoir in a competitive team. The problem is, I forgot to ev train it (I know, it might sound stupid, but hey, this is the first time I do this). Luckily, it turned out it had perfect evs in its two best stats- sp attack and sp defense. Here's the moveset I want to give it:

[email protected]???
Ability: Trace
EVs: as mentioned above
Modest nature (+sp. attack, -attack)
-Draining kiss/???
-Calm mind
-Healing wish

Would this be any good?

How does a Pokemon you forgot to EV train happen to have max EVs in two stats? Are you talking about IVs?
No, trust me, complete coincidence
But I did bottle cap it
Gardevoir is pretty outclassed by Tapu Lele, unfortunately.
True, but Gardevoir is Gardevoir

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